Friday, May 9, 2014

A few notes on my current dev status...

Forgive me that I've gone away for a while, but today I would like to announce a few things that I've been tacking with to date.

First, I released iOS applications. For those English-based NPB fans, NPB Stats and Info is definitely designed for you guys, on which you can check out a player's baseball statistics, updated daily. While it is just started on and I have a lot more to add to the app, it's already available on the App Store and you can enjoy its functionality. For iPhone users, download it from this link, for free. And for iPad users, download it here. I plan to release a few more apps this year, likely on MLB.

Second, I deleted all of my articles in this blog. For those who remember that I was developing my own web site, yes, I've been building it up and will launch it soon, where the archive should be available. As to the prograss, I already finished its basic structure and functionality part (those familiar with jargons, I mean HTML and JavaScript). It's just the design and styling (CSS) that I've been struggled a bit with, but it's soon available.

   (By the way, while I'm developing it in JavaScript right now, I already decided to rewrite it in Dart in the future. It's all about when major browsers, especially Chrome, are updated with Dart VM being built on.

Anyway, I'm going to publish it by the end of this month, so stay tuned for a few more weeks...

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